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This game was made as part of a project for Full Sail University's Prototyping class. We were given three weeks to take a retro title (Spy Hunter) and put a modern spin on it. Of course, as it is December, we thought it'd be fun to give it a Christmas theme. It's nothing too fancy,  but it was fun to put a seasonal twist on such a classic game.

We hope you enjoy our project!

A = Left
D = Right
W = Accelerate
S = Decelerate
Mouse = Aim
Spacebar = Fire
R = Rockets
T = Smoke
Esc = Pause/Unpause


Q: How do I attack?
A: Rockets, bullets, and smoke need to be acquired through pickups before they can be used. Until then, the player can try to run the enemy off the road.

Q: Is there a way to win?
A: No, the game is endless. (Feel free to post your high scores in the comments!)

Q: I noticed a bug, should I mention it?
A: As students of Game Design, we're always open to critiques. If you see something that's broken, or have any suggestions, go ahead and leave a comment! That being said, we will be starting our capstone courses next month, so we may not have time to fix bugs or implement changes.

Travis Dolan: Programmer
Gabe Estela: Asset Designer
Jessica Gillet: Assets and UI Design
Delta Gier: Level and Sound Design

Install instructions

For anyone who is unfamiliar with running Unity games, here's a crash course:

1. Download the zip file.

2. Unzip it using any software of your choosing.

3. Make sure the .exe file and the data folder in the same place (This shouldn't be a problem, as they were zipped in a folder together).

4. Double-click/open the .exe file to run the game.


SpyHunterCE.zip 54 MB

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